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Ticking Off Our Bucket List of Things To Do

We all have wish lists, things we really want to do and see in our life. The inclusions will vary from ‘I want a puppy’ to ‘biking through Vietnam’ to ‘spending time and making memories with my grandchildren’. As we grow older, our wishes change or rather evolve, depending on our priorities. Chances are the first and last part of the wish list will be almost done with. It’sthe middle portion that will mostly be left un-ticked.

The reason for the incomplete middle part is that you are busy, plain and simple. While juggling a career, starting a family and taking care of a home, most people seldom find time to live life to its fullest. Dropping the kids off at school, taking them to soccer practice, family functions & trips, job deadlines, business trips – you will have a packed schedule, to say the least.

So the ‘biking through Vietnam’ ends up as a screen saver on your workstation, always there in the back of your mind, but never really executed. You see yourself one day enjoying the silence ofHạ Long Bay, as the sun sets and fishing boats bob up and down on the gentle waves. But we’re invariably caught up in the vicious circle of life and just can’t find the time to enjoy this view for real.
There is always something preventing us from ticking off our wish lists. When we were young, we had all the time and energy, but no money. When we are older, we have the money and energy but no time. After calling it a day and finally retiring, we have the time and money but a lack of energy. If life is about ironies, this is the biggest one!

My husband and I are proud Sydneysiders and can be pleased with ourselves for having excelled in our respective fields of employment while raising three children into successful adults. But in theustle and bustle of everyday life we forgot to make time to see the world. Gazing through issues of Lonely Planets while in waiting rooms opens a window to a distant fantasy world that is shut as soon as the magazine is closed. Well we haven’t even seen Sydney properly, explored the harbour or even gone on a sightseeing cruise, when it was always there for the taking!

We decided to dip our toes in exploration by first getting to know our home town. With the expansive harbour frontage, a Sydney Harbour cruise was our first step to getting to know more about our city. The harbour cruise offered up, close and personal views of Sydney’s most famous icons like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Then we headed to the Rocks and got to see what we’ve actually heard in terms of history about this beautiful harbour city. We had a great learning experience and being on home turf made it easier for us. We have decided to go out and explore more of Australia’s finest cities and experiences; but first we need to get our water wings off before moving to the deeper end of the pool and exploring new countries.

Age is just a number and should never be an obstacle in your path. Well, things get easier when you get older as people give you more consideration and care. You get concessions and attention wherever you go, making it perfect to travel. So go out there and put your flag on every continent!


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