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It’s been 10 years of Vivid Sydney, and what a journey it’s been! A winter lights festival like no other, let’s leaf through the story of Vivid’s applaudable success…

Beginning in 2009, this event kicked off with humble hopes of creating an event that would attract tourists from across the globe during the onset of a bleak winter! Humble hopes changed into daring aspirations when the three-week-long winter carnival celebrating the beauty of lights, music, innovation, and creativity, attracted more crowds with every passing year. Today, with crowds that throng the Vivid precincts every year, the visual spectacle is best experienced on Vivid Sydney cruises on Sydney Harbour! Excited to know how this happened? Read on…

Known today as the celebration of creative minds, the dynamic nature and novelty associated with Vivid was the magnet that attracted multitudes from all over the world. A platform for everyone, the interactive nature of Vivid also proved a breath of fresh air when compared to exhibitions elsewhere. 

Vivid, by nature, is not your average exhibition offering galleries to scour through and some food for thought. Instead, it is the coming together of many fun and interactive displays involving light, music and ideas. Also, it entertains everyone from children to seniors alike. 

Vivid Sydney is also about inexpensive deals of all kinds, offering excellent value for money. Throw in the infectious energy of the Sydney siders and it’s no wonder how it became such a rage in just a decade!

Though, if truth be told, Vivid initially saw quite a feeble start. An initiative of Tourism NSW, now known as Destination NSW, Vivid kicked off with four components, namely Smart Light Sydney, Luminous, Creative Sydney and Fire Water. While the first was a harbourside light exhibition, the second was a music festival, though it sounds otherwise. The third was all about interactive talk-fests and the last was a show centred on the explosion of a convict ship. All four of these, though rich in creativity, was a hotch-potch of activities lacking clarity to the average eye.

With time, the concepts of events held under Vivid were defined better and categorised into Vivid Lights, Music and Ideas, offering a clear picture to all. This led to more and more people attending the event every year, constantly breaking records of the previous year’s attendance.

Also, the transformation of Vivid into a cutting-edge event, featuring innovation in every aspect, became a massive hit with the crowd. With light demonstrations taking centre stage, the festival became more and more about interactive with thought-provoking, thematic displays encouraging visitor participation as well. Installations like Screaming Rapture in 2012, which had lights being lit up in response to screams from the crowd, are still talked about!

Sydney Harbour, the crowning glory of the city, is as always the hubbub of major activity during this time. It is one precinct you definitely shouldn’t miss during Vivid! Book a seat on a Vivid Sydney cruise and enjoy a seamless and memorable Vivid Sydney experience, far from the madding crowd. Feast your eyes on the changing colours of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the lighting of the Opera House Sails, not to mention all the other spectacular installations you can enjoy from the decks of your luxury vessel!

Now that you know the tale, let your creative genes guide you to Vivid 2018! Have fun!


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