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How Vivid Sydney Morphs Into An Instagram Celebration For Gen Z!

Captures, Likes and Shares define our Generation Z like nothing else does! Our social media pages are testimonies to all events in our life, whether they be small or significant. Is it really a surprise then that Vivid Sydney, the festival of lights and illuminations, garnered top hits on Insta last year?
Looking for a great time during Vivid 2018 that’ll set your Instagram handle on fire? All you need to do is to explore the beautiful city of Sydney by sunset during the Vivid Lights Festival. Carry an excellent camera and you are set for the night!

Vivid Sydney offers everything to make sure you are never short of share-worthy pictures. Look at the humungous Sydney Harbour Bridge with lights spreading out in all directions. Have a great time on a  luxury Vivid Sydney Cruise offering roving views of the entire Vivid harbour spectacle. Or capture images of brilliant light projections flaunting the sails of the world-famous Sydney Opera House. Either way, Vivid is all about visions that blow away not only your mind but your social handles too!

Start off from the glorious Sydney Harbour Bridge, decked up like an illumined Christmas tree for the occasion. A backdrop worthy of many clicks, an experience of climbing this all-steel giant is also one-of-its-kind – a Vivid view you won’t forget in a hurry. Also, remember to enjoy at the Vivid rainbow dance floor and join in the light show with your flashing vests!

Next, cruise by at the Sydney Opera House, a vision of thematic patterns and drawings that vary interestingly from year to year. An alfresco art gallery in itself, the illuminations and light sculptures create a magical wonderland which is a feast to all eyes. While clicking away uncontrollably, revel in the music and take some pictures of the oh-so-cool live bands at Vivid LIVE to add a splash of more ‘Likes’ to your happening Vivid Sydney Instagram share!

Hungry for more? Capture ‘landscapey’ roving views of Sydney Harbour in allits glory from the decks of a Vivid Sydney cruise! Not only can you get a ‘neither-too-far, nor-too-close’ view of the entire harbour and its temporary makeover, a cruise will also grant great photo ops for you and you friends, which will be trendy to say the least. If you choose to go aboard a Vivid dinner cruise, you can also add exquisite food photography to your Instagram feed.

Continue your clicking spree while visiting any of the 50 or more free installations dotting Sydney during Vivid. The Rocks and Barangaroo, Darling Harbour, and Martin Place come well recommended while Chatswood and Taronga Zoo have a reputation of offering great views sans huge crowds. The CBD also converts into a magical paradise what with its varying themes and music to match the lights!

With the2017 festival shattering all records with over 326,000 visitors in its opening weekend itself, Vivid 2018 definitely holds promises for more. So, don’t wait up; Allow your Insta to shine with Vivid brilliance, this year at Sydney’s festival of lights!


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