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Planning a Party? Why not Hire an Event Planner!


Do you rejoice at the challenge of hosting a party, attending to all the nitty-gritty, from decoration right down to the shape of the wine glasses being served? Or do you pull your hair out in despair thinking of how you would pull off keeping a group of people entertained, fed and happy for a few hours!

For those who fall under the second category, don’t despair; there is a million-dollar event management industry ready  to shoulder your responsibility and take your mind off the nuances of hosting a party. These people take it upon themselves to conduct killer parties, as it is part of their job description! They can have some pretty neat ideas, like hosting the party on Sydney Harbour aboard a luxury charter cruise vessel!

Parties also convey a lot about the host and their choices, making it a good opportunity to create good impressions. So it’s very important that you don’t mess up, and that’s where the party planners step in. If you still have apprehensions on hiring an event planner, let’s put those myths and rumours to rest forever!


One of the foremost worries when hiring party planners is the ‘cost’ they premium. You might think that better deals can be eked out if you plan everything on your own. Another worry is that of the event management company fleecing you, charging more and adding to the expenses. Well if you go for a reputed event planner, they will know better than to do any of the above unspeakable deeds. This industry thrives on personal relationships and reputation, and if the second one falls short, they won’t be in business for long. Also, do keep in mind that quality services will always cost extra, but they will pay off in the end.


Event planners have a lot of wisdom and a variety of ideas, gathered over conducting countless functions over the years. They know where to cut corners and where to go with opulence, saving money as well as making the party, and you, look good. Event planners will also have contacts and relationships with suppliers that will give them special discounts. They are also aware of the cool venues and trends of the season, as well as hip party themes and colour schemes.

Stress Free

Planning an event generates a lot of stress, contacting and coordinating multiple sources for catering, decoration, audio & video etc. When you have an event planner on board, they will become your single point of contact for all, not eating into your busy time and schedule. They do all the ‘heavy lifting’, and all you have to do is show up at the venue and rake  in the laurels.

Nowadays everything comes as one complete package, with venue, catering and decoration all taken care of, making it even more convenient. A Sydney Harbour luxury charter cruise venue offers everything including a dedicated events management team to make your party a success.
So keep all these points in mind, the next time you have to host a party and have a great time!


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